Next Generation Office Space

The nature of the modern workplace and what employees and occupiers expect from their place of work was already changing before the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. The lockdown has brought into sharp focus the importance of high quality, flexible office spaces.

From our experiences in Hong Kong with SARS, Tenacity do not believe that the era of the office is over. The pandemic and subsequent lockdown has in fact emphasised how important it is to have a place to share ideas, to congregate, to innovate and to collaborate. Our proposals at 55 Gracechurch Street will embrace this change and this will not be ‘just another office building’.

The smaller, more sustainable, floorplates in 55 Gracechurch Street will cater for a different type of business, which we hope can act as a catalyst to diversify the occupier base in the City.

The City is no longer just about insurance and investment banking. There is a growing and thriving tech sector in the City that is demanding the mix of high-quality workspace and spaces for exchange, from cafés to space for showcasing innovation and public realm that our proposals will provide.

Our proposals will:

  • Respond to the changing needs of the workforce and embrace the change in working practices, especially in the post Covid-19 world.
  • Provide the flexibility for both collaborative and independent working.
  • Create a range of spaces to work but also to relax, recharge and enjoy the surroundings.

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