Permeability and Public Realm

55 Gracechurch Street’s location at the southern boundary of the Eastern City Cluster affords us the opportunity to make significant improvements that will improve public realm, permeability and pedestrian routes through the whole of the block and the wider City Cluster.

By reinstating historic routes our proposals will act as a key to unlock the City block, creating a range of publicly accessible pedestrian spaces at Brabant Court, Talbot Court, Northern Court and St Benet’s Place.

These spaces can help transform the pedestrian experience in this part of the City and reduce pressure on both Gracechurch Street and Fenchurch Street, at a time when this has never been more important.

Our proposals will deliver:

  • Reinstating the historic east-west route from Gracechurch Street to Philpot Lane.
  • The opening of a new north-south route from Eastcheap to Fenchurch Street.
  • Approximately 150% increase in public space at ground level within the site boundary from c. 320m² to 800m².
  • Unique and technologically forward thinking solutions to servicing and public realm.
  • Innovative vehicle lifts providing additional public realm during the day and servicing the building out of hours, providing a unique opportunity for a dual purpose public realm area allowing for pop up retail uses, improved pedestrian permeability and a compact innovative servicing solution.
  • Two dedicated public lifts to provide access to the high level publicly accessible garden terrace.
  • 24 short stay cycle spaces provided within the open ground floor of the building.

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