Sustainability and Urban Greening

From the deconstruction of the existing building to the day-to-day operation of the new development, sustainability is ingrained throughout our proposals for 55 Gracechurch Street.

For Tenacity, the stewardship of our buildings brings many responsibilities, including to the wider environment and to the local community. That is why we have developed our own Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) manifesto, which fundamentally shapes the approach to development on each of our projects. 

55 Gracechurch Street will: 

  • Deliver significant urban greening of the public realm to reduce noise and air pollution.
  • Be an all-electric building, aiming to be a net zero carbon building by 2030. The proposed building will use a quarter of the energy of the existing building.
  • Utilise an all-air temperature control system that uses between 80% and 100% outside air at all times, meaning no use of mechanical cooling and a significant reduction in recirculated air.
  • Deliver c. 470m² of additional public space compared to the existing building, where people can dwell and interact.
  • Provide a vibrant publicly accessible garden with diverse planting, providing opportunities for education and engagement with local schools.
  • Create two new vehicle-free pedestrian routes through the building block.
  • Implement an innovative and bespoke servicing strategy that embraces and supports the sustainable aspirations of the City and the latest logistic technologies such as consolidation, cargo bike deliveries and overnight vehicle servicing.
  • Seek to specifically reduce the number of delivery vehicles transporting goods on the road network through consolidation and aims to achieve 50% reduction in the number of trips required (without consolidation), promoting a positive sustainable outcome.
  • Use overnight servicing to remove delivery vehicles from the highway network during peak periods and thus improves road safety, air quality and reduces noise levels and enable the opportunity for some road space to be used by pedestrians during the daytime and by vehicle overnight.

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